Minor Prophets returns to WarGate!

Minor Prophets has returned from hiatus to rebuild a new North American community on the WarGate TBC server.

We will be actively recruiting for all players to join us, North American or European, serious or casual. We do intend on establishing raid events using strictly North American starting times. We have many seasoned players and spare level 70s to pick up and play.

All NA players who are interested to raid and play with us on WarGate are invited to join us in game and in our Discord!

- Vera

HellGround Re-Opens

It has been announced that the HellGround realm will officially re-open on April 10th at 7:00PM CET (1PM EST,11AM PST)

Join us in our discord channel for the re-opening!

HellGround Launch Day

Minor Prophets begins its new adventure today, March 5th!

Members and interested applicants, please join us in our discord

HellGround Release Time per Zone:

* 05.03 10:30 PST
* 05.03 13:30 EST
* 05.03 15:30 BRT
* 05.03 18:30 WET
* 05.03 19:30 CET
* 05.03 20:30 EET/SAST
* 05.03 21:30 MSK/TRT/AST
* 06.03 00:00 IST
* 06.03 00:30 ALMT
* 06.03 02:30 CST
* 06.03 05:30 AEDT

Don't forget to Roll Horde!

Waiting for HellGround: Updates

Due to the sudden shut down of the HellGround server, Minor Prophets announces a temporary shut down to our active guild activities.

HellGround has been providing small updates, and has recently stated (as of 3/24/2017) that they need about 2 weeks to get operational with their server online again.

Minor Prophets is pleased to hear this positive announcement and we intend to return to HellGround

Thank you to everyone who is committed to remain a part of our gaming community, and the HellGround community.

Long live HellGround!

Long Live Minor Prophets!



Getting Organized for New HellGround

We are closely watching for the latest news on the new HellGround realm.

Minor Prophets will begin a new adventure again on HellGround, and with the hype for a fresh blizz-like progressive TBC server we are stoked for finding new players to join our community.

At this time we are scouting for dedicated raid team members, but we welcome all to join our community, including casual players and PvPers.

Interested to join us?

1. Create a Minor Prophets website account. You will be registered asap by one of our admins, you will not receive a registration email after creating your account. You will only be able to log in once an admin member has approved your account. An email will not be sent to your address. Try logging in later or ask for help in discord.

2. Take a look at this post to see what classes we have confirmed for our Active Raiders of both the NA and EU crew to help make your decision class/spec selection for raids.

3. Once you are able to login, for those interested in active raiding, please 1st makean application here to introduce yourself , then 2nd make a post on our forum thread here to and help get organized within our raiding team. For any Casual members or strickly PvP players: you can disregard the "Getting Started" thread and make an application here.

4. Stay up to date by checking back here regularly for news in addition to the HellGround forum.