HellGround Server Wipe 01/08/2017

It comes with bittersweet announcement that we inform you the HellGround server has decided to wipe and restart the realm as a fresh new progressive experience, all account and guild data will be lost as a result. For full details please see the HellGround forum announcement

Minor Prophets founded in June 2016 as a split NA/EU progressive community that successfully progressed through T4 T5 and recently begun its journey into T6 BT/MH content prior to this announcement. We've gained server recognition for being one few North American / International communities that made PvE progression viable during the North American raid times, and has been a community that over 300 players have enjoyed being a part of. We would like to thank everyone in our community for being a part of our success and for participating.

Special Shout of Thanks to some of our most dedicated Raiders - Simply put, you guys have been awesome: Thua, Wladczyni, Artesa, Lunarknight, Serinia, Sinister, Legioneir, Lemaurice,

Current Plan for remaining server time pre wipe:

- No further 25 man PvE scheduled raids will be announced due to the pending reset.

- With the remaining server time left, leadership has elected to schedule guild world PvP raids on alliance cities, stay tuned and check the raid calendar for these events.

- Online survey coming soon to have existing guild members give ideas/opinions on moving forward with HellGround or an alternative server.


Thank you everyone, from the Leadership team