Q. What time zone does this website's scheduled raid events operate under?

A. The website's time zone is set to Central European Time (Hellground server time). If you are not signed in all scheduled raids appear in CET. If you are signed into a registered account on the website and have modified your account's time zone settings, dates/times will be converted from CET to your specified time zone.

Q: What addons do I need for raiding ?

A: DeadlyBossMods, Omen. Addons are found on the addons page: https://minor-prophets.fuzzz.org/index.php/addons

Q: What classes are you currently in need of?

A: We are accepting all classes at this time.

Q: How does the Council base their decisions for Loot distribution?

A: The basis of the Council's decisions could be made by evaluating a number of factors including but not limited to:
- Raid role, current talent specialization, item utility
- Raid Attendance
- Time since your last loot reward
- The value of your current /roll (if applicable)
- Evaluating your current gear compared to the available loot and comparing the gear of others who are interested


Q: What voice communication program does the guild use?

A: We currently use Discord

Q: What is the primary language of the Minor Prophets community?

A: English

Q: Is there a PvP group within Minor Prophets?

A: With the new realm launching, we'll be recruiting for a PvP officer. Our guild's focus is PvE, but many of us pvp casually.

Q: How are the guild's raiding events scheduled?

A: We create our own online surveys that our Raiders complete in order for Raid Leaders to determine the optimal times and days that the majority of our core and regular raiders are available to participate. Surveys are typically conducted monthly. 

Q: Is there a way to directly contact the administrators of Minor Prophets?

A: Yes, by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also post to our forum's public section without having any registration to our website.