Ignore Forum Offline messages

If you are attempting to access the Forum and you get a page that loads to says that the Forum is offline for maintenance, please disregard the message, refresh the page and try again.

We're working to remove this little gremlin that is confusing members, don't worry the Forum is not offline!

Raid Attendance/Loot History Tracker and new "Core Raider" Rank

Our new Raid Attendance & Loot History tracker is slated to go live for tracking 25 man attendance starting on Tuesday September 13 2016. Guild member attendance for progressive 25 man raids will be recorded in addition to raid loot history for events made only by Council/Officers that appears on the forums/Group Calendar.

We have created the new guild rank of "Core Raider". To receive this rank a guild member must display active participation in scheduled guild run 25-man raiding events and maintain ~70% attendance in your specific raid group NA/EU or combined overall.

To view the up to date and current Master copy of the Raid Attendance/Loot History Tracker, sign in and to access the new page section "Raid & Loot Tracker".

Group Calendar Issues

We've had some issues with the Group Calendar addon not synchronizing events properly to Raiders. As we look further into this to find a solution, until further notice we ask of you that in addition to using Group Calendar in-game, please check the Forums EU and NA sections to confirm scheduled weekly events.

New Raid Attendance and Loot History Tracker

We have produced a new Raid Attendance and Loot History Tracker using Google Sheets that will be implented soon to document all future raid attendance and loot distribution. Please login to the forum for more details which includes a public copy of the Tracker you can view.

Fall T4/T5 Raiding Availability Survey

All guild members with the rank of Raider or higher are required to complete the new Fall T4/T5 Raiding Availability Survey, see the forum for more detail or click here