NA Recruiting Campaign

We've begun a NA Recruiting Campaign in order to better attract North American Players to Hellground/Minor Prophets! 

Please Like and Share our new Minor Prophets Facebook Community Building Page across your social media accounts to prospective friends and associates.

To help showcase the variety of content and activity, we ask that you help us in our campaign by please taking and submitting screen shots of awesome and/or funny moments ingame. Screenshots can be emailed directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 We are also trying to popularize a public chat channel ingame for all of Hellground's NA players. Please advertise the channel in game to any NA players you come across. You can access the channel by entering the chat command /join NA.

Discord raid changes

New Discord Changes:

  • Changed EU raid 1, NA raid 1, to use "voice activation" instead of "push to talk"
  • Changed Roles and Permissions to be assignable by any user within Discord who holds both Roles: Raider, Member.
    • Existing users with these roles should assign both roles to others as needed to allow new users to join channels

New Member Forum Access

For new and existing members, In order to access the forums, you must make an account, then please wait for administration to validate it, members of the admin team log on daily. Register here.