Online Survey for Post Wipe Plans

Click Here to complete our short survey to help us gather a census of how many players would like to continue with us for a new adventure on Hellground, post wipe.

We are considering changing the guild name in light of starting new again and we'd like to poll players for suggestions! Please complete this survey to provide your new guild name suggestion.

Please participate on the forum's new thread topic about Getting Organized for a Fresh start!

HellGround Server Wipe 01/08/2017

It comes with bittersweet announcement that we inform you the HellGround server has decided to wipe and restart the realm as a fresh new progressive experience, all account and guild data will be lost as a result. For full details please see the HellGround forum announcement

Minor Prophets founded in June 2016 as a split NA/EU progressive community that successfully progressed through T4 T5 and recently begun its journey into T6 BT/MH content prior to this announcement. We've gained server recognition for being one few North American / International communities that made PvE progression viable during the North American raid times, and has been a community that over 300 players have enjoyed being a part of. We would like to thank everyone in our community for being a part of our success and for participating.

Special Shout of Thanks to some of our most dedicated Raiders - Simply put, you guys have been awesome: Thua, Wladczyni, Artesa, Lunarknight, Serinia, Sinister, Legioneir, Lemaurice,

Current Plan for remaining server time pre wipe:

- No further 25 man PvE scheduled raids will be announced due to the pending reset.

- With the remaining server time left, leadership has elected to schedule guild world PvP raids on alliance cities, stay tuned and check the raid calendar for these events.

- Online survey coming soon to have existing guild members give ideas/opinions on moving forward with HellGround or an alternative server.


Thank you everyone, from the Leadership team

Website updates in development

We're currently working on some updates and new features for the website including a new Raid Calendar. Until further notice, please continue to use the forum and Group Calendar to see the latest scheduled 25 man raid event info.

New Website Raid Calendar

Group Calendar addon is no longer being used for 25man raid scheduling. We are now using the website's built in raid calendar for all guild scheduled 25 man raid events.

The website it set to Central European Time to match Hellground server time. Please see the forum for details about configuring your website account if you live in a different time zone than CET.

At this time, raid signup using the website's new calendar is disabled while we work on implementing it.

Black Temple: First Attempt - 4/9


On 10/16/2016 Minor Prophets stepped foot into Black Temple for the first time....and kicked its ass! 4/9 down: High Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, and Teron Gorefiend, Look for more T6 Raids with the NA crew, see Group Calendar & the forum for scheduled events and strategies. Here's a of the gang after we down'ed Teron!